We Are

Anezylitta was a name given to me by my family members, because of how little I was when I was born.

In 2016 it became my official business name for my interior decoration business, where I sold products from China and Dubai. During my travel to Turkey for business I became interested in the art of baked products especially cakes. When I came back home the idea of cake competition was born, we successfully managed to hold our 1st cake competition which was powered by Azam in 2018, followed by the launch of a recipe book I created to help young aspiring bakers maneuver this art with ease. Season 2 of the cake competition was also a success which saw the number of attendants/ competitors rise from 300 to 700 people. Cake competition is crafted with the sole purpose of helping aspiring bakers reach out to a wider and more broader market, initiate a platform for home chefs and bakers looking forward to expand their services. The success of the cake competitions has led to the birth of Anezylitta baking academy, which will offer professional baking courses.

Through our academy students will be able to upgrade their skills, learn new skills, learn the art and science of baking. As part of social responsibility, anezylitta has participated and continues to participate and indulge in community and religious based programs.

This programs include patron to Amani orphanage in Kigamboni Dar es Salaam and recently Anezylitta was appointed to head the position of Economic matters relating to Bakwata.